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Should You Use A Certified Landscape Designer???





You don’t build a house without a plan!  you don’t take a big vacation without a plan! Landscaping is no less important. Therefore, you also need to plan your landscaping and exterior living space.  Proper landscape or exterior design adds substantially more to the value of your home than the cost of having it designed and done.  It brings pride of ownership.  Pleasure of enjoying the environment created for years to come.  Saves you the headache of misspent money on mistakes. And…you get the beautiful results you’ve always dreamed about.

As a Residential Landscape Designer who has lived and worked in the Sacramento area for over 30 years and completed hundreds of designs, I take into consideration all of the elements of this climate and soil conditions.  As a member of the Association of Landscape Designers and certification from the California School of Design, my designs reflect the wishes of the client, the terrain, style of the home, inside and out, and attention to details. The goal is to make the design process a collaboration with the client so we find creative solutions.  It becomes a design in progress between us with the client’s invaluable thoughts contributing to the outcome.

My designs show my love of horticulture, functionality, practicality, and creative design to produce inviting outdoor spaces.  We take into consideration the local building codes and homeowner association requirements so that the contractor can build lovely garden areas to be enjoyed all year. 




“Kati White is as knowledgeable and professional as one can get in a landscape designer.  She leaves no stone unturned in the quest for a perfect landscape solution for whatever need a customer might present to her.  Her knowledge of landscaping in general, and the Sacramento area in particular, is awesome.  Whether you have a postage-sized backyard, or a ten-acre parcel, if you want to just place a few trees, or do an entire vista, Kati is the go-to person for all your landscaping needs.  Customer service is Kati’s number-one priority; you can be sure that once you delve into your project, Kati will be right there to answer any question that may arise, until the project is completed to your satisfaction.  We can’t say enough good things about Kati White – you can’t go wrong with your landscaping needs when she’s working for you.”   Dennis & Kim L.




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