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Client Comment…”The nearly 3 hours you spent with us just flew by so quickly and you gave us so many ideas we hadn’t even thought of. Now we can hardly wait to get started!” Mark & Cora D.


I have to admit…I have many clients who say the same thing…and it’s true! Our goal is to give good value for the cost and to save our clients time, money and frustration on their landscape projects. Often, the cost of a consultation and especially the cost of a Design Plan, can save way more than the cost of correcting a mistake made by the home owner. It’s the little things that can count up to a lot of money if it’s not done properly.




An On Site Consultation consists of meeting with the client for approximately two to three hours to discuss their goals, aspirations, wishes, and often…problems with the current landscape. We walk the site together, considering the possibilities of what can and cannot be done. When the Consultation is about complete, I will tell the client the cost of doing a Design Plan. If the Home Owner/Client chooses to have Buds 2 Branches provide a Residential Landscape Design, the cost of the Consultation is included in the cost of the Design and the client only pays for the Design. Design costs vary depending on size and complexity of the project and a contract will be signed by both parties. A copy is given to the Home Owner/Client.

Following are costs for Design services:

                    On Site Consultation: 2 – 3 Hrs.   $80.00 per hour/2 Hour Minimum = $160.00


Complete Landscape Design;       Average urban lot size and conditions,

Includes Hardscape, Softscape,             $1200 - $1600.00 approximately,

Specifications for Irrigation, Drainage      up to $3,000.00 depending on size &

                    Lighting, Lighting Legend, Planting complexity, up to one acre. Maximum

Instructions, Plant Legend                      size Design is no more than one acre.


Partial Landscape Design:            

                    For specific areas of yard, small             $600 - $1200.00 depending on size and   

                    front yards, Courtyards, includes            complexity.

                    Planting Plan and minor hardscape.


                    Special Services:         To name a few…

*Custom Pruning/Deadheading               *Flower Garden Maintenance

                    *Irrigation – Drainage - Lawn  R & R**    *Fence Repair/Maintenance         

*Container Planting & Maintenance         *Clear out & haul away


Costs for the above services or repairs will be quoted on a per project or hourly rate.

             Payment may be made with VISA or MasterCard.        **Remove or Repair & Replace

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